About Kemberton

Kemberton is a leading provider of technology-enabled revenue cycle management services to hospitals for complex claims management and enrollment services.

The company specializes in the management and collection of 3rd party liability claims, workers' compensation, disability eligability, enrollment servicesmotor vehicle accident claims, veterans administration and the resolution of insurance denials for hospitals and physician practice groups.

The Kemberton Difference

Our people are passionate about making a difference—for patients and for our health system clients.

At Kemberton, we have always believed that genuine caring and trusted relationships are key to delivering superior results.

Our follow-through commitment goes outside hospital walls and into the community.

It’s an advocacy approach like no other.

Kemberton builds deep relationships that go beyond conventional administrative performance. We truly connect with people, which translates into timely, accurate, and efficient processing of applications, and, in turn, faster coverage approvals.

The Kemberton Advantage

Kemberton helps accelerate collection times and maximize reimbursements for over 300 hospital clients in 35 states, resulting in millions of dollars of incremental cash payments for our clients.


Technology Advantage

Our technology advantage includes workflow optimization, automated claims processing, knowledge base and rules engine, and full transparency.

Enterprise Advantage

Our enterprise revenue recovery advantage sets us apart from other traditional complex claims outsourcers as we provide quality, professionalism and transparent results that leading provider organizations demand and deserve.


Process Advantage

Our claims management process and model is so effective we can go 100% at-risk for our results, and we bring in more revenue, from more sources, faster and at a lower cost than traditional in-house and outsourced revenue cycle management operations.

People Advantage

And, last but not least, our people are the reason so many clients work with Kemberton. Learn more about our leadership team and our values and see why we stand out.


Since 2000, Kemberton has helped thousands of people gain access to affordable healthcare.